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Founder here, Jordan St Jacques. Background….I’ve been around Proms a good part of my life. First, there was running the Nightlife Group from 1992-2006 where the company took care of the DJ work for over 1000 Proms over 12 years (over 100 personally)…followed by the amazing 9 year run of FX from 2004-2013, which saw us actually plan and produce Proms for high schools as part of our service menu. After the company morphed into the technology sector, we’ve returned to our roots by solving what appears to be a Jurassic-type problem with respect to prom organization…in that there STILL is no definitive online digital platform in which Prom Committees can use…and trust…to manage all their prom planning aspects.

In April 2020 when Covid-19 forced us all to take a step back and reassess our priorities, we made the strategic decision to develop Prom Planner (which is just such an online digital platform) for Prom Committees AND Students to manage and organize all their Prom activities. Our mission is simple, to help Schools and Students to save time and keep better organized up to and including the big night. Now, Prom Planner is launched and ready for Prom Committees and Students to hop on and use all of our exciting features to make the big night that much better.

Prom Planner Features

  1. Event Manager: Prom Committees use Event Management to organize all the details of their event. Works for Homecoming as well!
  2. Attendee Manager: onboard your Student Body so that they can share in all the prom organization.
  3. Table Seating: place groups of students who want to sit together at specific tables.
  4. Prom Profit: every Prom needs to turn a profit, and this tool will help your Prom Committee stay on track to do exactly that.
  5. Prom Vote: enable your Student Body to vote for Prom King, Prom Queen and the rest of the Prom Court.
  6. Prom Date: see who’s going with who to Prom, and see who’s still available.
  7. Prom Songs: allows for your Student Body to make song requests so you can pass them over to your DJ.
  8. Prom Vendor Wishlist: keep track of the Vendors you want to stay in touch with as you make your purchase decisions.
  9. Prom Guide: a series of handy guides on all things Prom.
  10. Prom Tickets: the worlds first ticketing platform that is 100% prom focused.
  11. Win Your Prom: the ultimate Prom Contest that gives prizes to both Prom Committees AND Students!
  12. Prom Fundraisers: ideas and opportunities for Prom Committees to raise funds for prom expenditures.
  13. Prom Itinerary: a simple yet handy section for Prom Committees to keep Students informed on what’s happening before and during Prom Night.
  14. Prom Beauty Groups: a group organizer for your day-of Beauty preparations.
  15. Prom Limo Groups: a group organizer for everyone who’s riding in your limo.
  16. Prom Dress AI: a tool to suggest options for prom Dresses based on various criteria.
  17. Direct Bids: receive Bids from Prom-focused Vendors right in your prom Planner inbox.
  18. Prom Checklist: stay organized with tried-and-true Prom-centric Checklists, curated by industry experts.
  19. Prom Polls: ask your Student Body for their opinions, and make better choices for Prom.
  20. Prom Dress Registry: don’t arrive at Prom wearing the same Dress as someone else!
  21. Promposals: keep track of your Promposal videos, and enter the national Promposal video contest.
  22. Prom History: Prom Committees, make notes to be passed on to future Prom Committees, so they can learn from your experiences.

The World’s First and Best Prom Organization Online Platform

We’re very excited to launch and offer Prom Planner to Prom Committees and prom-going Students across the world, and hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it. And, we’re always ready to listen to your suggestions on how to make it better. Follow us on whatever social network you prefer, and keep in touch with your thoughts and opinions on our platform. We want to make this the hub for all things Prom all across the world!